About us

We love beauty

…in all of its shapes and where you can find so many beautiful things together at the same time? Simply in a wedding! Shoes, jewels, dresses, flowers… a million of details that makes our eyes so glittering! Details make the difference and will make your day so wonderful…

We are able to see through your stories everything that will happen to you during your wedding day, and we will be more than pleased to realize an event really shaped on your personality.

We love to hear your stories, and you could find our desks covered by thousands inspirations, and coffee and chocolate cups!

Our days are animated by our 3 children, a rogue jack russell and a… rabbit!

How we do it

We love to work with our best partners since we believe that our tuning with them is helpful to design the same vision of the event. That’s why we suggest you to let yourself be guided by our experience and professionality. We are also interested in talents and if we found a talent with ideas and a fresh style close to our one, we are pleased to involve him/her in our projects.

We are passionate about artistic photography, music, and good food, that’s why our events have always a high profile.